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Weekly checks

  • Check for twisted liners. Align marks/arrows on mouthpiece and short milk tube, or place your thumb in each liner.
  • Check liner condition, particularly for distortion of the mouth piece lip or holes in the short milk tube. Split liners lead to fluid between the liner and the shell.
  • Check filter(s) on pulsator airlines, especially in parlours where the filters are close to the feeders.
  • Check drain valves on pulsation airline.
  • Listen to the regulator(s). It is normal to hear air being admitted at the regulator. If air is not being admitted it may indicate that the machine is leaking air or air is getting in due to careless cluster attachment or cluster fall off.
  • Check filters on the vacuum regulator and clean if necessary.
  • Check vacuum pump oil level, check oil drop rate.

Jetter washing systems.

Preferably use jetters which wash both the inside and outside of the mouthpiece and can be left connected so that after washing the system is sealed. This reduces contamination by milk, muck, dust or flies.

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